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I don’t even….What? This is a real thing???

Is this a thing people still want

my life is valueless. they have actually created a sexuality for girls who ship guys together. i wanna fucking die

OMG I am cry. This is horrible, I bet they want to fall under the LGBTQ umbrella for their struggle.

No no no no no! Ugh dipshits of Tumblr! There is already a term for this, and it is NOT a type of sexuality- these types of girls are called “Fruit Flies”, and they live in a fantasy world where they think gay men will magically transform into straight men (and not lose their “gay culture qualities”) and have sex with them. They are the equivalent of “Fictionkin” in terms of delusion.

This is just human nature- we always yearn for what we can’t have. And seriously, “girlfag” ? THAT is the best combination you could come up with? Fuck, Tumblr, you keep lowering the standards every single damn day.

OH Gods, this whole response. FRUIT FLIES.

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#this whole post is a joke

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    last time i checked this “girlfag” bullshit falls under the antecedent sexuality known as pansexual, otherwise known as...
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    Knowing and making sure a relationship will not work beforehand is a perfect way to ensure you do not have to open...
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    Oh hey, girls that fetishize homosexual men want US to empathize with THEIR struggles.
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    More or less.
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    Sooooo … from what I’m trying to read … a “girlfag” (*shudders*) is essentially yaoi fangirl?
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    (Yaoi porn isnt gay male culture, while some writers might be gay men, most of them aren’t. At all.)
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